Okay, here is the nerd in me coming out. I have been to the USS Lexington many times and plan to go many more. Not only do I love the History behind the legendary vessel, but I also love the connection that this ship has to the paranormal if you believe in that kind of stull.

Here is your chance to take a tour of the ship for a greatly discounted rate. Lady Lex is rolling back the price of admission to 1992! The discounted admission will be valid from February 17th- February 20th.


Adult (18+) $7.00
Military/Senior (W/ID) $5.00
Child (4-17) $3.75
Child (0-3) Free

The tickets can be purchased on the day of the visit.

According to a press release from the USS Lexington the executive director, Steve Banta announced that the museum is celebrating its 80th anniversary of the ship’s commissioning at this year’s 30th Annual Stage Door Canteen. 

Side note the movie Pearl Harbor: The USS Lexington was the vessel most seen in the film.  It represented the representing both USS Hornet and a Japanese carrier. All aircraft take-offs during the movie were filmed on board the Lexington. The aircraft on display was removed for filming and were replaced with film aircraft as well as World War II anti-aircraft turrets. There was also some filming onboard the museum battleship USS Texas located near Houston, Texas.
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Don't forget that you can spend the night at the "Blue Ghost" if you have the guts! You will be provided a berthing compartment, continental breakfast, and the opportunity to tour the ship in the light of day the next day.

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