We're keeping an eye on the tropical systems that are headed towards the Gulf Of Mexico this weekend as now Tropical Storm Marco and Tropical Storm Laura continue to strengthen.

The National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service are beginning to issue advisories on Tropical Storm Laura located over the northeastern Caribbean Sea, and on Tropical Storm Marco over the northwestern Caribbean. Tropical Storm Marco is the closer of the two storms to South Texas so let's start by looking at this system which has really strengthened since Friday morning.

NOAA.Gov Tropical Storm Marco Advisory 8-22-2020 NWS NHC

Tropical Storm Marco is moving Northwest at 12 mph with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph. It will impact the Texas and Louisianna coast by late Tuesday and early Wednesday. Gale force winds are expected to move into the area by Tuesday and seas are expected to increase to 8 to 10 feet. We will have to wait until this storm passes the Yucatan peninsula before more specific models will become available.

NOAA.Gov Tropical Storm Laura 8-22-2020 Advisory NWS NHC

Tropical Storm Laura is moving West at 21 mph with maximum sustained winds at 40 mph. It is expected to impact the Louisianna and Texas coast.

For those keeping an eye out for the unprecedented event known as the Fujiwhara effect, Tuesday and Wednesday will be the days to have your popcorn ready as both storms could be in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time.

Over the weekend in the Crossroads, we'll be looking at showers and thunderstorms and high temperatures in the 90s. You might want to make a run to top off your gas tank over the weekend or make that run to the store for any essentials.

While we focus on Tropical Storms Marco and Laura, we also have a third system now being watched out over the Atlantic. By the time Marco and Laura have made landfall, we could be bracing for another event either in the Gulf or along the East Coast.

NOAA.Gov 5 Day Tropical Outlook 8-22-2020 NHC NWS

Both storms appear to be headed for the gulf coast as Catagory 1 storms but that could change quickly. For now, it's nice to not be looking at something much larger. Make sure you have our free mobile app on your phone for the latest updates. You can get a free download of our app by entering your phone number into the button below.

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