The Texas Longhorn baseball team still has life in the College World Series.  The Longhorns fought hard and survived another night in Omaha, defeating Virginia 6-2 to advance to the semifinals. Here comes the big test for UT.  The Texa Longhorns will take on the Mississippi Bulldogs for the second time in the 2021 College World Series.

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Texas lost to Mississippi State in the College World Series opener Sunday. The Bulldogs pitchers had the Longhorns number! They struck out 21 total times against the Bulldogs pitching staff. The Longhorns will have another chance to beat these pitchers on Friday night if they want to make it to the championship game. The Longhorns and Bulldogs matchup is set for Friday evening at 6 PM and will be televised on ESPN. 


If the Longhorns defeat the Bulldogs on Friday, the CWS Final-clinching game will be decided on Saturday, June 26. If UT loses to Mississippi State on Friday, the Bulldogs will advance to the CWS Final and the Longhorns' season will be over.  'HOOK 'EM HORNS!


The Houston Astros continue to win baseball games. They just defeated the Detroit Tigers 12-3 and now have won 11 games in a row and are in an offensive zone right now.  They are now #1 in the AL West and hold the best record in the American League.  Currently, the Astros have consecutively swept the Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox, and Baltimore Orioles and are currently working on the Tigers. LET'S GO ASTROS!

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