I've lived in California (my birth state--please don't hold that against me!), Tennessee, and Arkansas before I moved to Texas in June of 2012. In all of those other states, you got your vehicle inspected as required by the state; then you took the piece of paper that showed your vehicle passed inspection to the DMV office, and they gave you a little sticker to put on the designated corner of your license plate. You were now good for a year. Well, when I got to Texas, I found out the process is a little more involved, and not one, but TWO stickers go on your windshield, not your plate. Now, that's about to change.

According to an article published on the Houston Chronicle website, come the spring of 2015, Texas motorists will no longer have to display an inspection sticker on their windshield; only the registration sticker will be required. As reported by Dug Begley:

In less than nine months Texas windshields are going to start looking different, and Department of Motor Vehicles officials are gearing up to avoid a sticky situation when car owners transition from having two state-required tags to one.


As of March 2015, vehicles registered in Texas will no longer need separate vehicle inspection and registration stickers. State lawmakers last year nixed the inspection sticker, citing the potential to reduce fraudulent tags.


Make no mistake, you will still be required to have your vehicle inspected. According to the report, motorists will have their vehicles inspected not more than 90 days before renewing their registration. Part of the reason for the change is to reduce the number of fraudulent stickers being used. You can read the entire article by clicking the link below.

Drive friendly...the Texas way!

(via DMV prepares for sticker shock of losing inspection tag - The Highwayman.)