Back in July, a soccer coach from Bridgeport High School in the Houston area resigned after allegedly spending over 5 thousand dollars at a Houston strip club. After an investigation, it was found that the allegations were true and he was arrested for theft of service on December 15th. The former soccer coach JD Bales charged more than $5,400 on a district credit card at The Men’s Club.

According to an article, Bridgeport Police Chief Steve Stanford told the publication that Bales had formerly claimed the charges were fraudulent, but police found evidence indicating a criminal offense occurred. Bales submitted a payment to the district for the charge. However, Stanford said he submitted the discoveries to the Wise County District Attorney as the case involved taxpayer money.

This all happened during the Texas High School Coaches Association annual convention. It appears that this coach had a little too much fun. According to the article by yahoo news, the exact amount charged at the strip club was $5,455.18 was reimbursed back to the school district. 

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Can a School Legally Charge You to Get Your Kids Phone Back?

According to the Education Code in Texas, code 37.082 to be exact. A school may legally charge you up to the maximum of $15 to get your child's phone back. However, this only can be executed IF the school has already adopted a policy that was adopted by the school board. This means you should be able to find this policy in print somewhere. Trustees of the school board can pass this!  This informational video can be found on @texaschancla's TikTok page. One of the Tiktok comments asked, does the school have to pay for my kid's devices if it breaks while under the school's possession? He is going to post his video response today.


@texaschancla Replying to @dude with a gf Is it legal for a school to charge a fee for confiscated cell phones? #texas #lawyer #school #backtoschool #teacher ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose

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