UPDATE: As of Sunday morning Cristobal is causing squalls with tropical-storm-force winds to cross over the Mississippi Delta region of southern Louisianna. Conditions are expected to decline throughout the day as the storm makes landfall by late this afternoon or early this evening. Cristobal is moving north at 12mph packing 50mph sustained winds.

Cristobal is expected to bring several inches of rain to southern Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi and Georgia.

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Cristobal has moved North off of the Yu Penninsula as of Friday afternoon and is now out over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The storm has strengthened over the last 12 hours as it makes its way toward the southern United States.

Cristobal is located at 23.9°N 90.2°W or 370 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisianna. Winds have increased with this storm from 40 to 50 mph but Cristobal itself is still moving relatively slowly at 12-14 miles per hour giving it more time out over the open water. The storm's increase in strength will bring it to the doorstep of the US Gulf Coast sooner than expected with many models showing a Sunday arrival as opposed to Monday. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Cristobal will bring several inches of rain to the Louisianna coast by the time it moves on through. 


As of Saturday morning, the forecast cone for the storm is shrinking as the National Hurricane Center reports growing confidence in a Louisianna landfall. Coastal Texas is out of this Hurricane Cone but should remain weather aware. Cristobal is expected to reach the Louisianna coast by Sunday evening.

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