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If you live in Texas, you likely heard the tragic news this past March about a horrific crash that killed an entire youth golf team and one of their coaches from the University of the Southwest. We sadly hear about fatal accidents frequently, but what stood out the most in the story outside of the loss of life was that it was suspected that the fiery crash was at the hands of a 13-year-old boy driving the truck that killed them all.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has now released a statement offering that after in-depth DNA testing, the driver of the truck that killed the team and the truck occupants was actually the little boy's 38-year-old father.

The National Transportation Safety Board preliminary report, as written by news outlets such as News9 West, has determined that the "13-year-old boy was not behind the wheel during the fatal crash involving golfers from the University of the Southwest." However, disturbingly one toxicological report indicated that the father had the presence of methamphetamine in his blood.

The fatal accident is still under massive investigation and several forensic teams continue to work through the data to answer the questions that still remain.

"A technical reconstructionist team is trying to determine the speed of both vehicles and a survival factor specialist is working to find out if those in the crash were wearing seatbelts or if any were thrown from the vehicles." News 9 reports.

The question on most of our minds now is if meth was the largest contributing factor to this senseless and sad accident.







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