As reported by KRIS-TV, the Trade Center has ceased operations due to malfunctions with the electrical grid. According to the article, the Corpus Christi Trade Center had electrical issues with a service breaker. AEP was called out to inspect the service breaker and was forced to shut services down. Rain got into the breaker box, and it had to be shut down so it wouldn't burn the equipment. However, I feel that they have had problems with electricity for much longer. The lights at the Trade Center went out during a trip last year.

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The Trade Center in Corpus Christi is one of the more popular destinations for people visiting Corpus. On my most recent visit to Corpus Christi, we made a stop at the Trade Center.  I had up a freshly squeezed lemonade, and sausage-wrapped tortilla bought a few baseball cards and picked up a few CDs.  You never know what kind of random stuff you will find there.  Just in case you didn't know Victoria has a 'Trade Center' type place with the popup shops on Laurent. Have you been yet?

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