Tracy Byrd is coming to Corpus Christi on Saturday, November 14th.  This will be an outdoor event at Watergarden Park presented by American Bank Center, located in the space between the Selena Auditorium and Art Museum.  Enjoy Tracy Byrd's music under the stars and enjoy a special socially distanced live experience in your own Pod.


There will be  250 pods for sale for each concert. Pods consist of a 7′ x 7′ defined space. You are purchasing the entire Pod for up to 6 people. It is not required to have 6 people attend but have access to all 6 seats. No other patrons will be included in your pod. All Pods will be at least 6 feet apart to ensure social distancing.  This is an awesome concept and at this location, it creates a unique setting for the performers and patrons.

There will also be VIP tickets and those will be very limited.  The first 3 rows will be VIP tables, you get access to You + 5 guests. 6 seats to your VIP table. You will have access to pre-order your Concessions items and have them waiting for you upon arrival. Personal cooler to keep your drinks cold.

You will also have the option of their phone App that will allow you to order concessions and pick up through an express pick up lane.

Tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY AT 10 AM, click here for ticket information.   If you can't score tickets to this show, you can catch Tracy Bryd at Schroeder Hall on Thursday, December 17th, these tickets are on sale now.

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