At first, they thought he was just casing the place. Everyone knew he was a ham, but they really didn't have a beef with him until they found him porkin' around where he shouldn't be. When they tried to smoke him out, he went from the frying pan into the fire. They couldn't link him to anything, and that's all that saved his bacon. Okay, I'll stop.

It seems as if Trace Adkins is taking on a new career path – with his own brand of sausage? According to CMT Daily Roundup Trace’s wife Rhonda let the cat out of the bag on Tuesday (3/13), after posting pictures to Twitter. Not only did she post a picture of the product, but she also tweeted a picture of Trace surrounded by lights on his farm. The caption said, “Trace is getting ready to shoot the commercial for his new line of sausage.”  An official announcement has not been made yet.
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