Texans are known for being proud. We're proud of our state's history, its people and its current position as one of the leading economic powerhouses in the entire USA. We have six cities listed in the top 20 cities in the United States by population. But we also have some of the coolest, most charming, and beautiful small towns in America. Check out this list of the "Top 15 Small Cities in Texas." Several are right here in the KIXS 108 listening area.As posted recently at citiesjournal.com:

Texas is known for being big. It is a big state that does things in a big way. You can’t say Texas isn’t a showy state, because it sure knows how to put on a production. However, while “big” may be the watchword for Texas, it doesn’t mean that every single person, place, or thing there is larger than life.


In fact, some of the best, most inviting, and most interesting cities in Texas are small ones. Yes, Texas does have small cities, and some of them are well worth a visit.


Click the link below to see the complete list. Then, if there are some you haven't yet visited, you might want to include them in your summer travel plans.

(via Top 15 Small Cities In Texas | Cities Journal.)