Well, we can't go to many places with our family and we can't get together to watch anything on tv with our friends. It just so happens the good lord is giving us all something to watch together tonight (depending on cloud cover).

Tonight's full moon will be a supermoon which is also referred to by skywatchers as a "Super Pink Moon". It's different than our usual full moons as tonight the moon will appear about 15% bigger than it usually looks. It will also be 30% brighter than it usually is. The moon will be about 30,000 miles closer to the earth tonight (perigee) and this factor is the reason for most of the changes in its appearance.

It gets the name pink moon as the April full moon is often followed by the spring blooms and a pink moss called Phlox. Some folks call tonight's moon the Egg moon, some call it the Grass Moon.

Fox San Antonio says The Super Pink Moon will appear tonight about 7:45 PM CST and will set just before 8 AM on Wednesday morning. Since we are kind of in-between a few rounds of stormy weather in the crossroads this week we may see it cloud up too much this evening for that spectacular view, but then again we may not.

Take a peek. If it is visible, you'll be glad you checked it out.


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