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As reported by Crossroads Today, the Fayette Country Sheriff's department helped Bastrop County with a chase on FM 153, heading towards Winchester. NOTE: Our cover photo is a stock image.

Bastrop County said the driver was possibly involved in a disturbance, was possibly intoxicated, and had active warrants out of Hays County for robbery and assault family violence. There were subsequent reports that there was a toddler in the vehicle. The child was not harmed on injured in any way.  It is not known if the car was left running with the kid in the back seat before the driver jumped in, but this isn't the first time that I have written about a kid in a back seat during a high-speed chase.

In January, a man in Oregon allegedly stole a vehicle Saturday then returned back to the scene and threaten to call the police on the car’s owner. A woman had left her child in the back seat, unattended while running and the doors unlocked. The car was parked only about 15 feet from the store’s and she was only in the store a few minutes.

This story made me think of when my kids were younger.  I could never find myself leaving my kids in a running car while I ran to the corner store for anything.  In fact, when I see it today, I make it a point to stay near the car until the mom or dad returns. I am still not comfortable seeing this because something like this could happen.

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