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I know it seems like we just did the fall time change, but 5 months have passed and the first day of Spring is coming up on March 20th. That means the time change is right around the corner, happening on March 14th.

We all hate losing an hour of sleep. Now it may mean one more hour of mask-wearing. So in the few days, we have left before we spring forward, maybe we can use the extra hour of sleep to dream up a way to stop changing the clocks twice a year much like Hawaii. There are more than a few states who would also like to adopt Daylight Saving Time year-round. While this might seem easy, it requires Congress to approve a change to the Uniform Time Act of 1966. Maybe some have not been paying attention to Congress but they can't seem to do much of anything the people actually want these days so don't hold your breath.

There is a petition showing more than 200,000 signatures asking Congress to uniform standard time, but seem to be busy hunting down offensive cartoons like Peter Pan and Pepe Le Pew.

KHOU shared a story about the state of Florida's effort to keep DST year-round. Florida Senator Marco Rubio's Sunshine Projection act says that year-round standard time allegedly results in fewer car crashes, fewer cardiac issues, and strokes in our emergency rooms, and results in a decrease in the use of energy. It might also help you keep your physical activity up instead of it being dark at 5:30 in October when you want to head out to walk the dog or find time for an evening run.

Thankfully, most of the clocks you use are digital and will update by themselves. It's those of us still using VCRs that have to worry. Some car stereos still don't update on their own, and lots of people still have ovens that won't correct the time on their own. Make sure you walk around the house and check before falling asleep on Saturday night. Happy Spring y'all!

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