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When was the last time you got lucky and found money randomly on the street, in the dryers, or even in your back pocket?

Well thanks to this Texas TikToker, you can get especially lucky if you find the $20.00 bills they have been randomly hiding at our local Wal-Mart!

Yep, right here is good ol' Victoria Texas!

With over 100K views, alex.villareal.jr is likely having as much fun reading the comments people are leaving after watching the TikTok video as we are!

The comments range from everything like, "Plot twist, it's the same $20 bill" to "Why not put it in some toilet paper or ramen, stuff that people actually use?" Or this one that really makes us smile from WestCaliGal who writes, "Why was I not invited to the adult Easter hunt?"

And it does seem like an adult Easter egg hunt for the Crossroads, doesn't it? But check this out, Victoria isn't the only Texas town he has left money in just for fun!

Half the fun is reading the comments, especially knowing that alex.villreal.jr answers most of them, even if half the time he is having to defend his generosity. SMH

Now just think about how much fun it would be to actually find the $20 bills he left throughout the store!

Here is something pretty cool too...According to the comments, this is a fun trend that is happening to folks all around the country, with some people leaving more or less cash depending on what they can afford.

How likely are you to go look for the money just using the clues alex.villareal.jr left for you? And if you find it are you more likely to report it to the store managers or what about paying it forward?

Here is the TikTok video.

If you happen to find one of the bills or if you know Alex, leave us a comment in the Facebook section on this post. We love to highlight generosity! Good luck!




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