Will this be the grossest or best flavored ice cream of all time Texas?

Look, it's no secret that Texans love their ranch dressing, in fact ranch dressing is the number one dressing in the country! According to The Food Channel the five flavors of dressing go like this...

Food Channel/You Tube
Food Channel/You Tube


When it comes to RANCH though.. we top our pizza, our chicken wings, even spaghetti and tacos with ranch dressing but ice cream???? Ummmm...

Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream is just one of seven new spring flavors from the Van Leeuwen company that will be offered nationwide at Wal-Mart as a limited edition flavor.

Oh but wait, there is more... the other limited-edition flavors include Sweet Maple Cornbread, Blood Orange Chocolate Chip, Carrot Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Honey Graham Cracker and Limoncello Cake.

Sweet Maple Cornbread? Okay I'm here for that. Hidden Valley Ranch... not so much. But you know what? Of course I am still going to try it!

Just remember when we say limited edition we also mean for a limited time.

If you are interested in trying it, be on the lookout now. Walmart will only be carrying Hidden Valley Ranch from March 20 through May 28 2023.

Why do I feel like its my responsibility as a Hidden Valley Ranch fan that I have to try it! Like it would almost be sinful not too support my favorite dressing on their quest to cover everything in it?

All of the new limited edition flavors, just like Hidden Valley Ranch will sell for $4.98 per pint and it appears only sold at Wal-Marts nationwide.

If you are in the Crossroads and find it first, holla' at us on the station apps and let us know what you think! Or come by the station at 107 North Star Drive!

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