I love to reminisce on the good ole days in Victoria and here is one that you might not have thought about in a while. Who remembers the Town Plaza Mall at the corner of Laurent and Airline? I mean there were so many iconic things inside that mall if you grew up in Victoria. Starting with the escalator inside the JC Penny, the malt shop is located in the middle of the mall and we can't forget about the first Luby's location in Victoria.  I believe there was also a Bealls, Walgreens, and even an arcade.

While photos and videos are hard to find. I found this gem on Youtube that showcased the, at the time, abandoned,  Town Plaza Mall. Of course, now, Our Lady of Victory and UHV has taken over the property. Even seeing the abandoned mall still brings back those memories of eating at Luby's after Church on Sunday or stopping in at the coin shop to check out some baseball cards. How about an afternoon snack or drink the TPM snack bar.  What are some memories you have of the Town Plaza Mall? Check out the video below thanks to Youtube user: SpulbEx.

In 1981, the Victoria Mall we know opened its doors and that led to the slow fall of the Town Plaza Mall.  When the Victoria Mall opened back in 1981, it was at the most northern point on Navarro. How things have changed. Take a look at Victoria Mall back in the 90's with many of these stores that no longer exist.

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