I love Throwback Thursdays and remembering the good old days. If you are from Victoria and the Crossroads and have been here for at least 30 years, things have changed drastically.


The Victoria Mall was home to many stores that we miss today: Tilt, Corn Dog 7, Camelot Music, Wyatts, Radio Shack, and Old Navy, just to name a few. Oh yeah, you can't forget about the "apartment buildings' overlooking the Food Court and Carousel.


Even Driving down Houston Highway the other day, I took a moment to notice the changes over time. The Walgreens at the Corner of Ben Wilson and Houston Highway used to be a Mexican restaurant. The UHV Dorms used to be a Holiday Inn Hotel. Pelicans Wharf used to be located where Popeys is.  There even used to be a huge Hotel where the Citizens Hospital professional building is.


However, sometimes I think back to the restaurants we no longer have in this town!  Just one more time, I would love to have a Deluxe Dinner at Siesta Restaurant, a mountain of nachos at Chelsea Street Pub,  or maybe just one more corn dog and lemonade from Corn Dog 7 in the Victoria Mall.  Talk about the good ole days. Before we get to the list, I could not find a picture of El Toro and that is the only reason you don't have it on this list. Oh yeah! Bring Skillet's back too.

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