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Can we hear it for the boys in blue? Well the girls in blue too! 

But in this instance not once but twice in Texas police were caught on film, risking their lives to save fur babies.

Did you know that our very own Victoria Police Department has an outstanding K-9 program?

I've been fortunate enough to watch our VPD and K9's during a drug identification training and it was incredible. What I also found incredible is the love that you can clearly see when police officers work with their dogs, on and off duty.

An officer's love for his K9 is clearly evident in this first video when a police officer in Deer Park Texas realizes a tornado is evident and runs out to save his partner. At one point there is zero visibility as debris and winds blind him.

Officer Nitchman explains that even though he knew the EF3 tornado was close, his K-9 "Roni' had risked his own life to save Nitchman so of course he would do the same, even when getting Roni out of the vehicle, as the dog had his doubts about the weather!

Now check this teamwork out as firefighters in Austin help rescue a 150 pound mastiff who had gotten himself stuck after he slipped down an embankment this week during the freezing rains.

150 pounds! That's a big boy, but it didn't stop our heroes... it just took more than one firefighter this time. 

Here is the rescue caught on film thanks to KXAN.

Even tough guys love sweet kitties! 

This just in...

Austin Police Officer Saves Kitten

Officer Townsend in Austin was on duty during the inclement weather and saved a very wet and scared kitten.  Driving on Highway 71 near Golfcourse road he spotted the kitten in the roadway. Because of Officer Townsend, the kitten is now warm and safe. We hope he took it home!

Speaking of rescue... ever dropped something at the Riverwalk? Here is what one diver rescued!

Funky Finds At the Bottom of the SA River Riverwalk



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