Texas has some great Easter traditions. Of course, the standard egg-coloring, egg-hiding, and Easter baskets are filled with stuffed toys and candies.

Over the years, Mexican Easter traditions have become a big part of the Easter holiday in Texas. The areas of Texas closest to the Mexican border have always celebrated the holiday with cascarones, Easter-themed piñatas, and Mexican candies.

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Mexican traditions have now become part of the Easter holiday in most of Texas. Vendors all over the state sell pinatas and cascarones.

Cascarones are empty-colored egg shells filled with confetti. Once the kids find them in hiding, they will break them open on other kids' heads. The practice became popular after They became trendy in Mexico when Emperor Maximilian brought European cascarones to his wife.

Pinatas have become very popular for parties in Texas, both for young and old. The designs can be matched to any occasion or holiday and loaded with goodies for any age group. Who does not like being blindfolded and swinging at bat?

The best part of the fun is the delicious Mexican candies that are now very common in Texas. Many are sweet with a bit of spiciness.


If you haven't tried Cascarones yet, do so this year. Kids love them, and it's even fun for adults to break them on someone's head.

Easter is now a multi-cultural holiday in Texas, giving us more ways to celebrate holidays. This year, try out Cascrones, Pinadas, and Mexican candies. You'll love how the kids will enjoy the day.

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