No one is an expert on parenting, but Thomas Rhett is pretty close. As a father of four girls under the age of seven, there's very little he hasn't experienced. And one thing he knows for certain is that other parents can relate.

While other country stars — most recently Brett Young — have released books or songs for kids, Rhett has his eyes on his fellow moms and dads. He's never shied away from writing about his personal life, and now the "Slow Down Summer" singer is mulling over the idea of an album for parents.

"I feel like that’d be super fun, you know, just to write from a super self-deprecating point of view of how challenging it is just to parent," he shares. "Cause I feel like there’s a lot of people out there that would really enjoy listening to a piece of music like that. I think it’d be fun to write an album called Dadding. That’s something that would be intriguing to me, and it also sounds really fun.”

Rhett's life changed dramatically in the span of about four years. He and his wife Lauren adopted Willa Gray from an orphanage in Uganda in 2017. That same year, they had their daughter, Ada James. Next they welcomed Lennon Love in 2020 and Lillie Carolina in 2021. That's surely enough content to fill an album, but Rhett has gotten plenty of input from fans, too.

“I posted one thing on Instagram last year, of this made up idea of an album called Parenting, I think it was called, or Dadding," he reveals. "But, kinda just encouraged a lot of fans to send me titles of what they think would go on this, and there was like five or 6000 comments of just things that were cracking me up."

Plans for a parenting album have not yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, Rhett is gearing up for his Bring the Bar to You Tour with Parker McCollum and Conner Smith, which launches on June 17. The "Beer Can't Fix" singer will also release his album Country Again: Side B in the fall.

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