One thing love to do is relive Victoria Nostalgia. I keep seeing articles showcasing things you hear in Texas that only Texans would understand. Which are great articles, but I thought why not make this story more local? I mean stuff that only that Victorians understand. I mean the telephone number 575-2311 means absolutely nothing to anyone except a Victorian.  Where was/is 'under the hill'? What about an actual person getting into a fight with a mechanical gorilla? If you are from Victoria you get all three of these references.  Take a trip down memory lane and check out some great references that only Victorians will understand. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY.

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Before we get to that list, check out these things that have changed throughout the years in Victoria.

  • The Victoria Livestock Show parade being on Laurent Street.
  • The time and temperature marquee in downtown Victoria is now in disarray.
  • The Original Sonic hangout on Navarro
  • PJ's Seafood is now a Mexican Restaurant
  • We miss 99 cent Margaritas on Thursday Nights at Casa Ole
  • We no longer hear the same playlist every time we walk into Cactus Canyon.

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Things Only Victorians Will Understand

Of course, there are many more that are not listed. If you would like to add to our list, please comment in the Facebook comments of this post. Maybe we will have enough to make a 'Things That Only a Victorian Would Understand' part 2.



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