With New Year's Eve just a couple of days away many people are looking at bringing the New Year in with fireworks. The question is, will there be enough fireworks this year? Fireworks are just another shortage thanks to the pandemic.  I reached out to Sarah Pena at Noel's Fireworks to see how the shortage has affected their business.  'We have maybe half of what we normally carry.' Pena added, ' We haven’t opened yet but there is a lot of customers ready.'   If you are planning on bringing in the New Year with fireworks. DON'T WAIT!

Noel's Fireworks has two locations in Victoria.  At the corner of Hand Rd. and Ben Jordan and at on Glascow behind Academy.  Hours are 4 PM-midnight today and 11-midnight on the 30th and 31st.

Here are tips for firework safety:

The most important safety tip is adult supervision, children should never use fireworks alone!

Sparklers can get hot enough to burn some metals and make up for over 50% of firework injuries for CHILDREN 5 yrs. and younger.
Never hold a firework in your hand, light them on the ground.

If a firework does not detonate, leave it alone for about 15 minutes and then place it in water before throwing away.

Never throw fireworks at someone.

Step away after lighting fireworks.

Place them in water before throwing them in the trash to avoid fires.


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