Many of us grew up hanging out at the Victoria Mall on a Saturday afternoon while our parents literally just left us there with a little money. There was so much to do from hanging out at Tilt to browsing the aisles at KB Toys and Radio Shack, getting that latest cassette single at Camelot Music, and closing the day with a corn dog and lemonade at Corn dog 7.  Man, fifteen dollars went far back in the day.  Times have changed. CHECK OUT THE GALLERY BELOW.
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Before we get to our gallery, check out some of our honorable mentions of some of the less talked about stores in Victoria Mall. I am sure there are a few that I have missed, but does anyone really know what kind of store O.G Wilson was anyway? LOL
Miller's Outpost: This is where you went to get your denim on. Since the Victoria Mall has changed so much over the years. I would say that Millers' Outpost was located where TJ Max.
Gadzooks: This spot was happening, I believe where the Eye Masters is located.  The Store hung around as long as it could.  The chain was eventually acquired by Forever 21 before its locations finally shut down in the mid-2000s.
Mr. Gatti's Pizza: Yes Mr. Gatties used to be in the Victoria Mall for a short amount of time. When it closed a new place opened, Niki's Roma Pizza. Maybe you have heard it?
Walgreens: Yes there was a Walgreens in Victoria Mall at one time and it was definitely convenient. That was located where Chuck E. Cheese and the Children's Haven is today.


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