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Let me let you in on a little secret.

Victoria Texas is a gem for art and artisans in the area.

You just have to know where to go and thanks to the efforts of dozens of artists, downtown businesses, the Victoria Art League, the Victoria Main Street Program, and art collaboratives, YOU now have a map. 

Downtown Victoria Art Walk, Friday, June 4th

It's the Downtown Victoria Art Walk, and it's happening manana, Friday, June 4th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Here is the part most Victorians might find surprising...there are 17 places on the map where you can find amazing art, shopping, art activities, live music, and FUN and it's all downtown. There is a bonus too- visit nine of the 17 places and you're entered into an art raffle! 

It's free to the public too!

You can be a part of the booming art scene in Victoria without having to spend a penny for admission to the Downtown Victoria Art Walk. It's absolutely free for all ages. 

How do we get there?

Well, it's an art walk, but check this out... THERE IS A TROLLEY too! 

That's right! If you want to be sure to visit all 17 art and shopping destinations and you are worried you might not make it in your tennis shoes, a trolley will be provided to make supporting art and artisans even easier! 

Yes, we want to support local artists and artisans! Count us in!

You can get the map below and details by clicking here, or by visiting the Victoria Art League Facebook page here. If you have questions, the best place to call is Victoria Main Street. Their number is 361-485-3060.

See you at the Downtown Victoria Art Walk! Well, I'll be taking the trolley.

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