Now is your chance to be a huge part of downtown Victoria's biggest push forward for growth and expansion in downtown Victoria. It's the Victoria Downtown Plan Survey and according to Victoria Main Street Program Exec. Director, Danielle Williams, your priorities for downtown Victoria will be met beginning in 2021.

"We're looking at implementing these priorities right away," Danielle offers." Many of these recommendations will be a part of the adopted August 2021 budget."

The survey is the first step to improvements and change! Take the minutes to fill out the survey here!

Ten minutes of your time now could mean a revitalized downtown Victoria for generations to come!

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This is the first of 2 surveys that address Victoria's priorities for downtown. Your opinion absolutely matters and Danielle and her team at Victoria Main Street Program are equally enthusiastic and motivated to make improvements to downtown Victoria, to further it as a destination area in our community, not just for visitors but for residents too. 

When was the last time you visited downtown for fun?

"During our first advisory meeting, we heard from the committee that parking is an issue for visitors downtown. Access to public restrooms and a more accessible visitor center were also concerns. We hear Victorians want to see more shops, bars, and restaurants downtown as well. Another priority is cleaning up downtown." Danielle offers.

Danielle anticipated that infrastructure and implementing incentives will be a part of the future planning for downtown Victoria. " We need to see what people want downtown, so we can narrow down what our focus should be."

Photo Credit Ingra Lee

It all starts with you. Ten minutes, generations of Victorians to come. Again, the survey link is here.

If you want more information, visit the Victoria Main Street Program website here.

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Don't forget you can dine, shop and play downtown right now! How about the new awesome ARTISAN MARKET downtown now too? It's held every third Saturday!

Why isn't Victoria on this list? Let's take the downtown survey and make Victoria one of America's best small town destinations!

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