You hear of all kinds of different stories of a guy proposing.  From the baseball game, basketball game, at dinner, at a family outing.  This guy though reached to his very creative side and created a masterpiece of a proposal. 

To see this young man make his soon to be bride extremely happy click here

I would actually hate to think what he would feel like if she did say no.  Man you talk about a disappointment.  After all the thought and work he put into the proposal it's nice to see her check yes.  What is your ultimate marriage proposal?  How did you propose to your wife and if you think you can beat this guy then wow, you sir are awesome!

Here is a guy that you do not want to take proposal lessons from.  Although it did work.

So there you go gentlemen, I hope you are creative when it comes down to asking. Go all out as she will remember it the rest of her life!

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