The National Basketball Association has named the Spurs Coyote as the Mascot of the Year for 2020 as reported by KENS5.  The San Antonio Spurs organization really knows how to take the entertainment of an NBA game to the next level. The Spurs experience comes with a live DJ, different games, great prizes, and of course #2!, the Coyote!  I have been to many games and have seen the Coyote dressed as a Cowboy, Batman, and even a Cheerleader.  I have seen him on many occasions jump in with the Spurs Silver Dancers without missing a beat, he's got moves. can't forget about the T-Shirt cannon. The Coyote is the reason that the AT&T Center is one of the loudest arenas in Basketball.  I once had a chance to sit on the floor at the AT&T Center and got to high-five him.

The really cool thing about this award is voted to by all NBA teams with mascots.  Twenty-six out of the thirty teams have mascots.  The factors that are considered: In-game performance and skits, community involvement, and social media content. The Coyote also won a specially created category for the pandemic called "NBA Quarantine Content."

The Coyote also won this honor back in 2014, the same year that the Spurs won their fifth title against Lebron and the Heat! The Spurs have opened the season at 2-1 and have some talented young guns on their team. I can't wait to see these young guys develop within the Spurs system with the leadership of Patty Mills, Rudy Gay, and Coach Pop. Demar and Dejounte look solid this year.  Let's see if Aldirge can bring it up a notch and play consistently this year. The Spurs have back to back matchup with the Lakers this week.  Let's see how the Spurs matchup with LeBron, Davis, and company.  Go Spurs Go!

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