The Scott Taylor Band will be performing their final show on Wednesday, November 25th.  The Scott Taylor Band has been on a roller coaster of a freight train ride in the music industry. From the strike of the first beat to the ring of the final strum this band has had you two-stepping, clapping, and singing along to the sounds of great country music from traditional classics to their own originals.

Their latest CD entitled 'Beautiful Sin' includes big hits 'Marlboro's and Merle,' 'Chug,' and 'By Now.' My favorite STB song of all time has to be 'Just a Little Rain Coming Down.'  STB has played many street dances for us during the years and has coined a phrase that has stuck with me, '5 SECONDS.'  Will will miss seeing the Scott Taylor Band on Stage.

STB's final show will start at 8:30 PM on Wednesday, November 25th.  Tickets are now available at the Schroeder Website.  For more information or to order tickets call (361) 573-7002!  Don't forget to the hall grill is now open Thursday's through Saturday's and will be open for this special Wednesday night event.

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