Last night reports started to surface that George Springer had joined the Toronto Blue Jays. The deal, which is not yet been made 'official' will move forward pending a Springer physical.  Reports indicate that this Springer deal will be a $150 million, six-year deal.  Springer was the #1 offseason target by the Blue Jays organization. Springer will add some postseason experience to the young Blue Jays clubhouse.   This one hurts. I mean, no more Springer Dingers.

UPDATE:  MICHAEL BRANTLEY HAS RE-SIGNED WITH THE ASTROS. Brantley will stay with the Astros for two more years in a $32 million contract.  

If that wasn't enough Michael Brantley appears to be another target of the Blue Jays.  While some sources have already announced a Brantley will also be joining the Blue Jays, it is just a rumor, at this point.  This would be another big loss to the Astros. Brantley providess a reliable bat in the lineup that did not strike out much and made contact with the ball.

The Astros are coming off of a very weird year, thanks to the pandemic.  They made the playoffs with a record of 29-31. That was good enough for post-season play, in which they fell to the Tampa Bay Rays 4-3 in the League Championship Series.

Just a couple of names to add to the list of Athletes leaving Houston.  Last week, James Harden was traded to Brooklyn after making it very clear that he was not happy in Houston.  This past weekend, rumors surfaced that Deshaun Watson had played his last snap as a Houston Texan.  He also has voiced that he was not happy with the upper-management. What is going on with Houston Sports?

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