As I was scrolling through Facebook this picture popped into my feed and it brought back so many memories.  The social media post was to gather employees for an upcoming store reunion. This was the grocery store of my childhood, well alongside, Dicks Food Store on Moody Street and Neuman's.  That location was eventually flattened and the HEB that currently stands on Laurent was built.Oh yeah, it used to face Rio Grande and not Laurent.

For Sale in Victoria FB: David Ramos
For Sale in Victoria FB: David Ramos

What some of you might not know is that before H-E-B moved to that location it was located in Downtown Victoria on Main St. It was the building that is located across from where the 700 Main Center is located today.  I do have memories of being in this store as a young child.  Who remembers shopping at either of these locations?

If I can recall H-E-B has called a total of five different locations home  in Victoria

HEB on Main St. in Downtown Victoria

The first location on Rio Grande (pictured above)

In the Shopping Center where Ashley's is Today

The two current locations that stand today

Here is a list of a few other grocery stores that used to call Victoria Home:

Kroger (Dr. Patti Dodson Health Center today)

Albertons' (Grifold's Building today)

Safeway (Office Depot today)

Montags (Froggy's today)

Nuemann's (Dutch Lane today)

Alkek Grocery (Is now just land at the corner of Water/Bridge)

Urban's(Now vacant on Water St.)

Dick's Food Store on Lone Tree and Moody (Both Dollar Generals Today)

Just seeing some of these names, brings back great memories.

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