The final round of  the 2020 Victoria Livestock Show, Victory Auto Group and Dodge City Karaoke Contest is tonight at Dodge City Saloon! Get qualified and you will have a chance to win $1000.00 at the finals at the Victoria Livestock Show Beer Garden. The finals will take place next Saturday, February 29th.. Get there early to reserve your spot, the contest will start around 9:30. The top 3 contestants from each week will be entered into the Finals for a chance to win $1,000!! Sing whatever you want, from Journey, Garth. Emilio, or Lizzo, it's totally your choice. If you don't want to take the stage, be a spectator and check out the awesome talent that comes from your hometown. This event is absolutely free, but space is limited so get to Dodge City early. Tonight is also the official after party for the VIP Damon Curtis show.  We hope to see you at Dodge tonight!!!!

The Victoria Livestock Show Carnival also kicks off tonight!


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