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It's heartwrenching. A Texas couple was sitting in their car in El Campo waiting on a friend Friday night when a man they do not know opened fire on them while they were parked and inside the vehicle.

The assault is reported to have been completely unprovoked and a complete surprise when the shooter appeared in front of the car and opened fire, hitting both Ross Zahradnik and Kayla Deleon. Kayla was pregnant at the time.

Reports indicate that there were over 20 shots fired at the time.


A man suspected as the shooter has been identified as 25-year-old Eric Dupree Perry Jr. who was arrested Sunday on multiple warrants that include Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and two warrants for Abandon/Endanger a Child Imminent Danger Bodily Injury in connection with the shooting. Eric Dupree Perry Jr. is now in jail in Wharton County.

According to a report by Ozzy Mora at Crossroads Today, Zahradnik was struck in the thigh, wrist, and hand and Deleon was struck in the face and chest. Deleon had to be airlifted to a hospital in Houston while Zahradnik stayed behind for observation. Zahradnik is quoted as saying he didn't realize he was even hit until he arrived at the El Campo Memorial Hospital seeking emergency help for Kayla. “I pulled into the front and we jumped out of the car running … and banged on the door and they took my girlfriend into another room,” said Zahradnik.

Kayla Deleon had to have her baby early, but thankfully both are recovering well.

The investigation is still ongoing, however, authorities have confirmed that there is no hard connection between the suspect and the victims.

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