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Just last week, we found out exciting news about what is coming to Riverside Park. Ashley from Flo Paddle Co announced that they were bringing Segways to Riverside Park. We started to chat about other cool things that could come to Riverside Park and we came up with some awesome ideas. Then, I decided to tell a little joke.  What are two things that will never be finished? My answer was I-35 and the duck pond. We shared a little chuckle and moved on with the interview. Maybe somebody heard our little joke LOL.

Earlier this week, the City announced that the renovation of Riverside Park's duck pond is beginning soon.  As reported by the Victoria Advocate, the park was closed for repairs due to Hurricane Harvey that were supposed to take just a few weeks.  That has turned into a three-year eyesore.  While no exact dates have been given, it looks like we are months away from a completed duck pond. Read full details by clicking here.  Finalized plans call for a new gazebo and fishing pier. We will now have our duck pond back and will be able to cruise the park in Segways. What else could we do to continue to develop Riverside Park?

Maybe the revitalization of Riverside Park is just beginning. Last week Ashley also hinted that she is already working on bringing a train back to Riverside Park.  Let's keep the ball rolling. There is a perfect spot already in Riverside Park for a food truck area! The old Riverside Convention Center slab has plenty of room for food trucks to park, which leaves the door open for so many more opportunities. While we are at it, let's get a pavilion at Riverside Park with a true amphitheater feel that can host bigger entertainment acts. Riverside Park is one of the best city parks in the State of Texas, let's treat it that way!

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