San Antonio officials confirmed Monday that the Fiesta that was scheduled for April 15-25 would be postponed until June 17-27, 2021.  Hopefully, buying a couple of months in which we find our COVID situation better.  The Fiesta Commission said the decision was made based on recommendations from Metro Health and City of San Antonio officials.  Last year's Fiesta celebration was initially rescheduled to November and then ultimately canceled.  If you had tickets to last year's event, the tickets will still be honored

According to a story by  KAST-12 in San Antonio, Fiesta Commission officials said the June dates were chosen “so that Fiesta can continue its mission of supporting many local non-profit organizations while maintaining its No. 1 priority, the health, and safety of all Fiesta guests.”

“Delaying Fiesta 2021 until June puts safety first, and it is the right move for our community,” said Mayor Ron Nirenberg. “Through the ongoing vaccination program and our continuing efforts to suppress COVID-19, we are working to be in a better position by June.”

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The San Antonio Rodeo and Livestock show will continue with very limited capacity.  The SA rodeo runs from February 11th-28th and the entertainment schedule is out and is scaled down due to the current pandemic. I reached out to San Antonio Rodeo media relations and there is one reason that the show will go on. FOR THE KIDS.

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