The sign that just keeps on giving throughout the year! Located at the corner of west 5th and Campell in Austin, a sign that sits in front of a Mexican restaurant has become a viral sensation. You have probably seen pictures of signs from El Arroyo somewhere on your social feed from time to time. The question is how do they come up with stuff that is relatable and funny.  Well, we will never know because El Arroyo keeps their writing process under wraps.

Because of these signs, the small Mexican restaurant in Austin has become an iconic image in the state of Texas. As of now, El Arroyo has over 236,00 followers on Facebook and over 450,000 followers on Instagram.  Oh yeah, and the food is delicious too. El Arroyo is probably one of the best examples out there, on how to make social media work for your business. All of these pictures that go viral are off of shares and likes. This means they don't spend a dime on social platforms and they let social media do all the work.

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You can also submit your sign ideas directly to El Arroyo by clicking here. You could see your message on the marquee.  They also have some great products that will allow you to bring the Arroyo fun home with you. Check out their products.


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