KIXS 108 and Post Acute Medical join forces to recognize an service man or woman who has served.  We thank them, we salute them, and we honor all who have fought for our freedom.

This week we would like to recognize Franklin R. Bellimek, WWII Veteran. He served 18 months with Merchant Marines at the age of 17.  During his stent with Merchant Marines he went to France, Italy, & Puerto Rico. He came back and joined the Army for 18 months, and then enlisted Fort Polk Louisiana – April 14, 1946.








Rank: PFC (Private First Class) – 6 days, Corporal – 7 weeks, Buck Sergeant – For the rest of his tour. He asked to re-enlist at end of tour, but wanted to come back home to Shiner, Tx where he was born & raised.  Parents lived across from Shiner Brewery off 77 and I95, they had a Banana Garden (Banana Trees) Sundays they would visit and drink unpasteurized beer. He traveled around some of the states and Settled in Hallettsville where he worked for the Zaruva Chevy Company for 43 years, dealership changed names and owners over the years.  Mr. Bellimek started out in bookkeeping and the owner decided he was a much better salesman than bookkeeper so moved him to selling cars.  He earned an honorary ring which he had on his finger, for selling cars and was a 38yr veteran of their Legion of Leaders within the company. He retired from selling cars at 66yrs of age and then joined Kubela funeral home and worked with them for 17yrs.  He really enjoyed working for funeral home.  Work 8am-12noon, and liked wearing a suit every day. He then broke two bones in 1 leg. Had 4months of recovery, started to have consistent fall issues then eventually had to amputate the left leg – December 13, 2016. Mr. Bellimek was also the Mayor of Hallettsville. Mr. Bellimek has also been a member for 61yrs with Fire Department and 60 yrs with the Lions Club.

 If you see Mr. Bellimek wish him a very Happy Birthday!  He will be 90 years old on June 19th.  He was born June 19, 1927.

On behalf of Post Acute Medical, KIXS 108 would like to thank all our veterans who have served!




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