A prest from St. Luke's Catholic Church in Brownsville, has been arrested for multiple sex-trafficking charges and also child -sex related charges, according to mysanantonio.com. The Cameron County District Attorney tells mysanantonio.com,  that Fernando Gonzalez Ortega is facing charges of sexual performance by a child, sexual assault of a child, continuous sexual abuse of a child, trafficking of a person, and continuous trafficking of persons. Ortega was taken into custody on Monday, February 12 and has since been arraigned at the Brownsville City Jail and his bond was set at $800,000.

Condidtions of his bond inclued waering an ankle monitor befor release, he must also surrender his passport, and not leave Cameron County while the cases are pending! Bishop Daniel E. Flores has released a statement, read by clicking here.

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VIDEO: “Oppusum” Porch Pirate Strikes in North Texas

A video has gone viral and will bring a smirk to your face. A family in North Texas was waiting for a 15-year-old's box of birthday cookies to be delivered to their front door.  According to foxnews.com, this happened on Jan. 26, the 'gift' of cookies came a little late while the family was out celebrating so it went unnoticed until they checked the video footage.

Video released by authorities shows an opossum going upto the entrance of the residence and then dragging away the box of treats after removing a blue birthday balloon attached to the package. It's a fun video.

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