It's a story of miracles for the family of Jenny and Cliff Marr who recently made headlines back in March when they became the proud parents of a set of identical quadruplet boys. Did someone just faint? This miracle family recently got the green light to head home to start their lives together after several weeks at Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas, Texas.

Not only is that an incredibly rare thing, but I personally have to file that under 'Texas miracle'. Being a first time parent in labor at the hospital is crazy enough, let alone during a pandemic. Growing up in a family with several nurses who worked in maternity I have heard tons of inspiring stories about new families but this is the first identical quadruplets I've ever heard about.

The story has made it's way to Global News as there are only about 70 cases on record of this ever happening. The cesarean birth lasted about 3 minutes according to doctors who took care of the family. Some seriously adorable photos from their time in the hospital have made their way around the internet this week with news of the family going home happy and healthy. You can get all the feels in the video below.

There was no previous history of multiple births on either side of the family, and this was the Marr family's first pregnancy. What a way to start! Jenny went into labor at 28 weeks. Hudson, Harrison, Henry, and Hardy are all happy and healthy and we wish this new family all the best.

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