I play Texas Lottery quite regularly and have decent luck with the exception of my $1000 scratch-off winner last year.  That's what you call a CLAIMER!  While I continue to break even and sneak in a random $50, $100, or $200 winner(SEE BELOW). I am excited to see others win big and it seems a lot of people have been winning big, lately!

Someone who bought a lottery ticket this week at a Humble store is nearly $8 million richer, $7,750,000.00, to be exact.  A winning ticket has picked all six numbers on Saturday night   The winning numbers were:  3-11-23-35-41-54.  

Just last week in San Antonio resident won $3 million dollars on the $30 ticket, $750 Million Winning Circle. This was the 7th out of 12 top prizes on this ticket.  This means that there are still 5 winning $3 million jackpot tickets remaining in this game.  Maybe it's time for you to play the Texas Lottery! 

Here is a look at some of my big wins for 2020 including that $1000.00 claimer!

Both of these tickets were the $10 Monopoly tickets.  The ticket on the left was bought at the 7-11 on Sam Houston back in May and was my $1000,00 claimer.  The ticket on the right was purchased at 5-points in Downtown Victoria and it was a $200 winner.  

TSM - J.Padierna

This ticket was purchased at the SnaxMax at the Corner of Mockingbird and Navarro in April.  This $10 $200 Million Cash Explosion was a $200 winner.

TSM - J.Padierna

This $5 $50,000 Poker ticket was a $200.00 manual win all.  This ticket was also purchased at the SnaxMax at the corner of Mockingbird and Navarro.

TSM - J.Padierna

I am thinking about starting a YouTube scratching channel, what do you think?

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