Joybird, a furniture company offering unique pieces with extra storage space, conducted a survey questioning 2,500 U.S. residents about their cleaning habits, then ranked them based on their level of messiness or cleanliness.

If you’re wondering whether or not your state made one of the two lists ranked from messiest to cleanest, look no further than over your fence into your neighbors’ backyard. If you’re scared to take a peep, Joybird has you covered with this list.

Based on the percentage of residents who hardly clean or tidy up for company, the list of the top 5 messiest states starts include Texas, Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia, and Montana. Our great state of Texas is HUGE, still, over 25% of our fellow Texans report they either don’t deep clean or instead “hire a cleaning service” near them. On the contrary, states like Texas, Virginia, and Georgia have the highest searches on Google Trends for maid services. We aren’t dirty y’all, just busy!

Joybird considers a tidy person to be somebody who “deep cleans their home at least once a week,” neat freaks alike seem to be clustered in Connecticut and New York. Following these states on the list of top 5 cleanest states as runner ups include Louisiana, Iowa, and West Virginia.

Whether or not you’re the messiest or prefer to keep your home as clean as possible, Joybird provides a blog sharing design and organization tips for any style and schedule. Just keep doing your thing Texas! If you’re feeling stressed about your mess, take a look at the largest house in Texas here, and smile knowing your mess isn’t this big! Thanks to our rock star intern Lorin Walker for her work on this story.

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