In a recent study by outfoira, Texas has ranked #1 for the deadliest state when it comes to animal attacks.  The data from this report is provided by the CDC and is from a year period from 1999 to 2019.

Texas comes in at #1 on the list!  520 deaths were recorded over a 20 year period. That’s equivalent to 26 deaths every year.  California came in second, with 299 deaths caused by animals over the 20 year period which is equivalent to just under 15 death a year.  At the other end of the spectrum, three states recorded zero deaths caused by animals in the last twenty years, which were Delaware, North Dakota, and Rhode Island.

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it is recommended that you attack it as forcefully as you are able, using whatever you can use as a weapon, or using your fists and feet if needs be. You should target their eyes and gills, as both of these are sensitive areas for the shark. The shark’s nose has also been said to be a weak spot that can deter them from further attack.

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If you have been bitten, try to keep calm and remember the color and shape of the snake if possible, as this will help to identify the species and appropriate treatment more quickly.  Do not attempt to suck out the venom. This can make matters worse and poison a second person. The wound should be left alone outside of the simple wash and dressing detailed above. You should also not consume any alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, and resist the urge to apply an ice pack to the wound

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Here is a breakdown of the number of confirmed fatal attacks on humans by eight of North America’s most dangerous wild animals since 1970.

    • Brown bear, 70
    • Shark and snake, 57
    • Black bear, 54
    • Alligator, 33
    • Cougar, 16
    • Polar bear, 10
    • Wolf, 2

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