Jared and Kristi Owens of Lubbock, Texas, had decided to take a last-minute vacation to Las Vegas to get away from their hectic life. Maybe a little too hectic of a life as they discovered their little chihuahua, 'Icky' snuggled up in clothes in their suitcase.  Luckily they discovered their fur baby before they boarded the plane.


As reported by NBC-DFW, the couple was checking their bags when they learned that their bag was overweight.  As they went to the side to rearrange their luggage they found their fur-baby, Icky, hiding in clothes. How did this happen? Per the article, the couple was in a rush to pack for their last-minute vacation and did not realize that the Chihuahua had made herself comfortable in their suitcase.

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According to the couple, the Southwest employee who found Icky offered to watch her so that they could catch their flight. Luckily, the couple had family nearby who took the pup home.  Jared said that "they had planned this trip last minute to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of three dogs, a rabbit, and several fish as well as two crazy, beautiful little girls." He is correct. You always need to make an effort to make time for your spouse. You can watch to full interview thanks to NBC-DFW.


The couple says Icky likes to burrow and has a habit of sneaking under blankets and inside their laundry. Icky is known for not coming out of hiding when they call her name, either, so it was no surprise that the chihuahua stayed silent the entire drive to the airport.

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