This Houston couple just won the internet with their truly Texas and super cute gender reveal! 

I am about to host my first gender reveal for my fourth grandchild and I could not be more excited!

Because my daughter-in-law wants to reveal the sex of the baby during the Thanksgiving holidays, we are doing a " Waddle It Be" gender reveal with turkeys and pumpkins and all things fall.

Gender reveal parties are FIRE right now with unique and creative gender reveal ideas trending all over the internet!

This Texas couple's recent reveal at Houston's popular Taste of Texas steakhouse has taken the internet by storm!

Bailey Hill and her husband, Travis, decided to make their gender reveal a memorable experience for everyone involved, especially their waiter at the restaurant.

A Surprise Steakhouse Gender Reveal

Bailey and Travis Hill, who are from Katy, Texas, came up with an ingenious plan for their gender reveal at Taste of Texas.

The best part, they decided to involve their waiter in the excitement!

They handed their sealed sonogram results, which the Hills had not seen yet to the waiter and gave him specific instructions: order a steak if it's a boy or lobster if it's a girl.

The waiter got to reveal to the couple and now the world that they were going to have a healthy baby... drum roll please...a baby... BOY.

The excitement in the restaurant was electric as the waiter returned with either a steak or lobster, symbolizing the gender of the baby.

The Reveal That Went Viral

In a video shared on Bailey's Instagram account, you can witness the thrilling moment of revelation.

March Brings a Bundle of Joy

The Hills' special delivery is expected in March, and this heartwarming and innovative gender reveal has captured the hearts of thousands on Instagram.

It's no surprise that their video has gone viral, especially in Texas.

What is more Texan than a gender reveal at a steakhouse?


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