Worst Texas Catering Company In History Ruins Thanksgiving Dinner

Imagine you've got your entire family seated for Thanksgiving dinner, the table is set, and the drinks are poured. The candles are lit and you've got music playing softly in the background. Everything is perfect, except... YOUR ENTIRE THANKSGIVING DINNER IS MISSING!


Well, that is EXACTLY what happened to several Houston families on Thanksgiving Day!

It's a holiday nightmare, which is about the only thing that was delivered courtesy of Maddhouse Catering!

You better believe Texas customers were lined up and hostile outside of the Deer Park business Maddhouse Catering on Friday when the catering company FAILED to deliver the Thanksgiving dinners they had been paid to prepare and deliver!

Customers prepaid and now are demanding their money back of course!

According to KENS5TV, multiple Houston customers said they paid Maddhouse Catering hundreds of dollars in advance to prepare their Thanksgiving dinners but the only thing they got in return was a ruined holiday experience!

"It was ruined. We had each other, but we had no fried turkey," Susan Bramblett told Kens5. One Maddhouse Catering customer shared that he had to scramble to put something together which included chicken wings since everything was picked over by the time he was able to run to the store!

Maddhouse Catering started handing out uncooked turkeys in desperation!

Another catering customer offered that he was supposed to get several items delivered but when he showed up at the business to demand answers, he was handed an uncooked turkey instead! 

You're never going to believe this!

While customers are demanding full refunds, Maddhouse Catering is offering an apology on its Facebook page. They are also offering Christmas dinner specials for $250!!! 

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