Could This Be The New Astroworld Coming to Texas?

A proposed new theme park in Texas may very well pay tribute to our beloved Astroworld.

Is Texas Land the new Astroworld?

The proposed new amusement park dubbed Texas Land has already generated over $81,000.00 in support so far. It's a far cry from being near the final proposal cost but for theme park lovers who miss Astroworld, it's a start.

And you can be a part of its completion.

Why is it called Texas Land?

This truly" Texas" land amusement park will pay tribute to some of Texas' most famous events which include the historic Battle of the Alamo and Apollo missions.

According to the Texas Land website which you can view here, the "Dream of Texas Land is, "to build a quality, affordable theme park in Texas that celebrates the Lonestar state's history and folklore.

Here is the best part, you can invest in the dream of Texas Land right now.

You read it right, if you have some money to invest in seeing Texas Land become a reality, you can join forces with Texas Land founder and CEO, Lizzy McGee online by clicking here for more information.

If it all goes to plan, we will see Texas Land, USA opening as early as 2026.

According to KHOU-11, "TexasLand USA" would open in the summer of 2026, which would come more than 20 years after Six Flags AstroWorld closed its doors.

How incredible to be a part of a Texas-themed amusement park in the making!

Here is a trip down memory lane with Houston's favorite, Astroworld.

Speaking of memory lane, check out Victoria Mall moons ago!



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