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San Antonio police get two emergency calls just a few minutes apart from each other. 

Let's set the scene for you.

Two Texas would be carjackers are sneaking around in the middle of the night in a San Antonio neighborhood when they come upon a car that they probably believed would be an easy steal.

As luck would have it, they are able to break into the car and start the engine.

So far it's going pretty smooth for them. Now they just need to drive off.

This is when they run into their first major problem.

It turns out the car they are attempting to steal is a stick shift and neither of the would be thieves know how to drive it.

It's 2:30am on a Thursday morning in another neighborhood close by and the the San Antonio police department receive a 911 call regarding a possible shooting that has resulted in a suspect being injured by gun shot.

Can you guess how this two stories might be related?

Well, it turns out that while the car jackers were trying to get away unsuccessfully, the owner of vehicle heard commotion and came outside to investigate.

Unfortunately for the two car jackers, neither of them could figure out how to drive off to get away, so the vehicle they were now trapped in and their best efforts were going nowhere. And fast.

This is when the car jackers had no other choice but to abandon their efforts and escape the vehicle just moments ago they were trying to steal.

Unfortunately for them, the owner of the vehicle came out to investigate with a gun in hand. Amidst the chaos and confusion, shots were fired and one of the bullets grazes one of the would be thieves head.

They were able to make it to their get away car but the gunshot wound would require medical attention and so just a few minutes into another neighborhood

Police arrived and were able to piece the two stories together while getting the medical help the carjackers needed.

According to sources investigating the photo provided by bakersfieldnow the vehicle appears to be a Monte Carlo.

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