You're outta here! NBC News reports what happened to two Texas A&M baseball fans in Omaha, Nebraska, at the Texas A&M and Florida games. It got ugly from the seats in a close game between the conference rivals.


As the game paused for a crucial play review at third base, the cameras panned to two fervent Aggie fans, their voices echoing through the stadium. Clad in their team's colors, they were cheering and engaging in a full-blown verbal duel with the Florida Gators dugout. While such exchanges are not uncommon in sports, it was evident that these fans had taken it too far.


The Florida head coach had a close friend commit a double murder-suicide a couple of years ago. The friend killed his two sons and then himself after his wife had divorced him. One of the boys had been a bat boy for the Gators.

The two Texas A&M fans started heckling into the Florida dugout, referring to the unfortunate incident. Moments later, law enforcement tossed them from the game.

"Those folks were banned and barred from the stadium, so they will no longer be attending any more games," Omaha Police Lt. Neal Bonacci told NBC News on Monday.

Trash-talking rivals is typical in sports, but using such a terrible incident crossed the line. The Texas A&M head coach, Jim Schlossnagle, said he didn't want to see those fans at any games.

"I want to apologize on behalf of Texas A&M for whatever the heck went on over there in that dugout," Schlossnagle said. "Whoever those two guys are, they don't represent what Texas A&M is all about, and whoever they are, just don't return. Let's not let those two guys back in the ballpark."

Texas A&M won the game 3-2.


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