The last few days have been nothing short of concerning for most Americans while we watched the news diligently in dismay. On January 6th the US capitol was breached with rioters and shots were fired.

We now know that sadly, four Americans died during the altercation and confusion.

Our Texas Representative, Mike Cloud, marked himself as safe on his Facebook page at 3:43 pm on January 6th offering, "Please pray for our Capitol Police who are taking the brunt of this senseless violence."

Three hours later, Representative Cloud offered that congress had returned to the tasks ahead. "Getting word that we will soon be convening to continue our work. I’m now getting a chance to review the video of what has been going on outside the Capitol, and it is absolutely heartbreaking. We have inherited such a gift as Americans, and I am grieved by what we have seen today. The violence and intimidation we’ve seen undermines the very objectives of a free and functioning Republic and has absolutely no place here. A number of Capitol Police have taken the brunt of the violence. Please continue to keep them and their families in their prayers." Rep. Cloud offered.

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We will continue to think of all who were involved in the incident. You can contact Rep. Cloud on his Facebook page here.

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