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This story was first reported by Crossroads Today. Just another awesome example of how awesome our community is.  In the days following the historic winter weather event, we had in the Crossroads.  Many found themselves with busted pipes and water damage inside and outside their homes. These people found themselves in need of help, and Victoria Resident, Roger Padron came to the rescue.

Roger was not asked for help, he simply offered his services via a Facebook post:

If you or someone you know is in need and can’t afford a plumber give me a call at 361-894-2419 or reach out to me on my company page. I’ll swing by and get you fixed up for free! I know a lot of us are hurting at the moment so I’m just wanting to give back to my community. Again not looking to get paid but will accept donations to buy materials to keep it going and help out as many families as possible. Venmo @Roger-Padron-2

Padon posted to Facebook on February 18th and was shared over 1500 times. By February 20th, Padron posted that he had helped so many people that he lost count.  Padron goes on to add, he would do it all over again if needed.

Thank you, Roger, for showing what Victoria helping Victorian's is all about. If you know of anyone that has offered to help in a big way like Roger to help out after the Winter Storm. We would love to hear about them.  Just email at and we would love to chat with them.

Roger works at Padron & Son's Remodeling. If you should need him for any service, please call (361) 894-2419

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